Get the Strength of SPAR

SPAR Group Inc. was founded in 1967 as a diversified merchandising and marketing services company, focused on helping clients improve their sales, operating efficiencies and profits through leading edge merchandising and research support.

In 2003, they began operations in Canada – and haven’t looked back.

SPAR Group Canada has shown consistent growth over the past eight years. They quickly became a leader in the industry, raising the bar for technology innovation and unbeatable coverage. In 2010, SPAR Group acquired Wings & Ink, a merchandising and marketing company with a reputation for integrity and flexibility. Together under the banner SPAR Group, it’s a classic case of synergy; the two companies have not just combined their individual strengths, they exceed them.

Today, SPAR Group partners with companies across Canada to reach their most ambitious goals at retail. We are in all major retail chains nationwide, ensuring maximum penetration for your brands. Whether we are ensuring new product launches are reaching the sales floor, providing valuable product knowledge to key store staff or simply increasing brand awareness, SPAR Group makes it happen!