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A planogram is a diagram that exhibits how and where particular retail products should be placed on retail shelves or displays, with the intention of increasing consumer purchases. Planograms are truly essential to implement, especially when strategizing your store layout, as well as how your customers will engage with your retail store and products. Properly utilizing a detailed planogram will lead to countless benefits, such as taking advantage of every inch of sales space, satisfying your customers by boosting visual appeal, reduction of out-of-stock merchandise, and more! Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of planograms in the merchandising industry.

Maximize Your Sales Space

The products you see on store shelves are not just random placements – they are organized, optimized, and strategically placed to use the entire sales space. One of the main benefits of a planogram is that it helps merchandisers stay organized, as well as take full advantage of their entire retail store space. Planograms ensure that you will be using your floor space efficiently, which will generate an overall increase in sales.

Visual Appeal for Your Customers

All shoppers want the same thing – an uncomplicated, efficient, and logical store and shelf layout so they can easily find what they are shopping for with little to no effort. At the same time, the customer is also looking for a visually appealing shopping journey, which all can be accomplished by utilizing a planogram for your retail store.  Planograms provide you the opportunity to select where and how your shelves and displays will appear. From color block merchandising to vertical merchandising or even horizontal merchandising, planograms will assist you in producing visually appealing shelves and displays of your products that will motivate your customers to make a purchase. The visual appeal of a shelf can have a psychological influence on how your customers shop, as well as build brand loyalty. Planograms help to ensure that your stock shelves appear to be visually enticing to your customers, driving them to purchase and as a direct result, increase your sales.

Better Stock Management

No shopper wants to walk up and down every single aisle looking for the one product they need to complete their shopping list, and then find out that the product is out of stock. For a retailer, something you definitely don’t want is to have a shelf that has been inadequately merchandised so that out-of-stocks happen often. Not only will you lose sales and revenue, but your customer also walks away feeling dissatisfied. When products are not properly placed on the shelves, consumers cannot make a purchase, and therefore your retail store misses out on potential sales. This is the most direct impact of out of stock products. To avoid out-of-stocks, it is vital for retailers to have an ideal overview of the days that each of their products are delivered or supplied. Planograms can visually provide the days of supply ratio for each product in your store. When you know where each product is supposed to go and can immediately identify open spaces, you can maintain your shelves and keep them looking abundant and enticing. With planograms, your retail store will benefit from efficient re-stocking to increased sales, prevention of out of stock products, and improvement of overall inventory management, which can also reduce costs.

Expert Comprehensive Planogram Services from SPAR

SPAR, Inc. is proud to change the game when it comes to maintaining your planogram, keeping it fully up to date to guarantee that your store will see incredible benefits. Our expert team will provide assistance to you regarding the maintenance and compliance of your planogram, to ensure that your store will not experience any interruptions in terms of the functions of this valuable tool. We want to help your store rise above your competition and become a leader in your corner of retail! To learn more about our additional retail services and solutions, as well as how they can benefit you, please contact SPAR, Inc. today.