Do you wish there was a way to perform all of your company’s tasks efficiently while staying ahead of the competition?  Retail merchandising solutions are a great way to help companies provide seamless customer service and maximize revenue for long-term success. The decision to work with professional merchandising solution provides, such as SPAR, is largely an analysis of in-house merchandising management resources and determining their capabilities.

These businesses can be beneficial to retailers of all sizes. They provide strategic advantage to the user organizations by providing better go-to-market solutions, reduced waiting times, and effective promotion across all channels.

SPAR is a global leader in world-class merchandising solutions. We offer capabilities such as category and product resets, display and shelf services, POP installation, and much more. Consider working with a professional partner, especially if your IT aptitude and solutions are limited, to help with online retail stores and digital marketing efforts as well. Before doing so, however, make sure you’re knowledgeable about your potential partner.

Do Your Research

Choosing a partner with competence and expertise can be the difference between program success, mediocrity, or failure when it comes time to execute your initiative. Don’t waste time deciding to work with a partner who isn’t aligned with your goals ? do extensive research beforehand, checking their professional experience and background, to avoid such costs.

Here are a few criteria to use when evaluating whether a specific merchandising solutions partner would be valuable for your company.


One thing to ask your potential retail merchandising solution partner about is their longest-running client. If they can provide real-world examples of projects that they’ve worked on and the outcomes they’ve realized, you can get an idea of whether or not they would be a good fit for your goals. You want to be sure you can trust their judgment throughout the entire process. If you’re serious about bringing a team in to undertake projects for your company, get them involved early in the planning process, so that unforeseen delays or logistics issues can be resolved without compromising time and money.


The greater the array of in-house capabilities a retail merchandising solution partner can provide, the more agile they can be with your company. Ask questions to determine if they can think on their feet when faced with a variety of supply chain issues. It is important to ensure that they will be flexible with your recommendations and changes if need be. You don’t want to be left feeling as if the end product could have been better. The more nimble your partner can be, the less you will have to worry about the little things.


Another way to understand the potential of the partner is by asking them to show you what they have to offer. You can request physical examples of merchandising samples or digital marketing strategies. How dynamic is their creative team and what is the extent of their resources? Put them in challenging situations and test their ability to be original. Pay attention to small details and don’t be afraid to be up-front about your expectations.

Work with SPAR’s Merchandising Solutions Team

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