three women looking into store window from outside

The merchandise perfectly displayed in a store window catches your eye, and before you know it, you’re buying multiple items that you never intended on purchasing to begin with! Simply put, that’s the power of utilizing effective visual merchandising for your business. Visual merchandising is creating retail spaces that appear more appealing and enticing, so your customers are motivated to enter your retail store and ultimately make a transaction. Visual merchandising has countless benefits, including an increase in foot traffic, impulse buying, brand loyalty, and more. If visual merchandising is not a part of your marketing strategy, you should be making adjustments to factor it in moving forward. Keep reading to find out why visual merchandising is so important for any retail business.

Encourage Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is what every business strives for, bringing about long-term and loyal customers. One way to achieve brand loyalty is to communicate and highlight your brand through visual merchandising. Through the enticing displays of your retail store’s merchandise, you are enhancing each customer’s overall experience, which results in an increase in sales and returning customers. With effective visual merchandising, your customers will be able to experience your brand in a more personal way and picture themselves wearing or using your products. Some researchers have discovered that customers are willing to pay a higher price when the merchandise is sold in a pleasant atmosphere. When visual merchandising is done correctly, it can be extremely beneficial for your business and lead to increased brand loyalty and awareness.

Attract, Engage, & Motivate Customers

Today’s consumer is looking for more than just a simple merchandise purchase. Shoppers are looking for visual experiences that strike an emotion through themes, components, and storytelling.

Seasonal Themes

The majority of shoppers are intrigued by themes, especially if they are seasonal. Seasonal themes for visual merchandising deliver sentimental emotions to customers and therefore encourage impulse purchases. Also, highlighting the most relevant products in front of the store will make them appear fresh and inviting for new and returning customers alike. Make sure you plan ahead to have your visual merchandising displays up to date to draw in more customers.


The components of visual merchandising typically include colors, lighting, shelving, cleanliness, and more. The various components that make up your store’s visual persona should appeal to your customers and their interests. For instance, certain colors are associated with specific emotions. The right choice of colors in your display can turn walkers into stoppers and quickly convert them into loyal customers. Lighting has the ability to set the right mood or ambiance for your brand, while product shelving plays an important role in consumer behavior. Not only do your displays have to be eye-catching, but they also have to be clean, as this is the most important component for customers. Shoppers will not make a purchase if your store’s displays look dirty or outdated.


Storytelling is an excellent way of expressing what your brand is all about. This merchandising method helps create long term engagement with your customers.  When visual merchandising communicates a story to customers, you are appealing to their emotions and making it easier for them to remember your brand and the items you sell. Make your business worth remembering by creating a cohesive experience for each person who walks through your doors. 

Avoid Overwhelming Your Customers

Always avoid overwhelming your customers with your visual merchandising strategy. Confusing the customer with too many choices will ultimately leave you with no purchases made. Select the proper product for your target audience to promote in your displays or throughout your store – not all your merchandise should be displayed! The products that most appeal to your target audience should be front and center to encourage customers to enter your store. Always consider and strive to understand what your target market wants to see in order to turn them into loyal customers.  

Merchandising Solutions with SPAR

From the window, shelf, or stock displays – visual merchandising can increase profits for your business, spread brand awareness, and boost brand-loyal customers. At SPAR, we are the experts in retail. With years of experience in retail merchandising, our team can help provide comprehensive solutions to keep your store well-versed and ahead of the curve, 24/7! Whether you are in need of assembly and installation services, merchandising solutions, programmatic services, or help with your store sets and remodels, SPAR’s team will ensure that your store has the support and resources it needs to prosper. To learn more about everything SPAR can do for your retail store, please contact us today!