Influencing the Purchase Decision

Connecting with consumers directly at the point of purchase can be a very powerful factor influencing the purchase decision. At SPAR Canada, we provide high quality product demonstrations that help connect consumers to brands while also building brand awareness for our clients. Our brand ambassadors act as an extension of your brand delivering your messaging and ensuring a positive customer engagement. These person-to-person marketing activities drive sales for both our clients and the retailer.

Sales Assist Programs

Shopper sales assist programs require an incredible amount of coordination. The SPAR Canada team will manage every aspect of this influential in-store activity including:

  • Hiring the right brand representatives
  • Training brand reps on key activation messaging
  • Coordinating and maximizing in store dates and times
  • Contacting individual store managers to communicate the program and align on activation dates and times
  • Purchasing supplies and coordinating uniform printing as required
  • Coordinating the kitting and shipping of program materials both going out to field reps and coming back in from the field as required
  • Pre-demo merchandising or stock auditing
  • Implementing program supervisors to assist reps and ensure attendance and store compliance

Post-execution reporting metrics may include but are not limited to:

  • Store compliance, displays, price tags, flyers, stock levels
  • Number of consumer interactions
  • General store traffic observations
  • Sales
  • Future Sales influenced
  • Consumer profiles
  • Consumer comments into competitive products
  • Consumer feedback and product questions
  • Photos

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